What is CNC?

Computer Numeric Control (commonly known as CNC) is the automated control of machining tools and 3D printers by means of a computer.

Today, many modern workshops often use CNC machines to carry out the cutting of wood parts.  CNC machines are now becoming more and more prevalent that hobbyists now have or can access these machines - similar to the way in which 3D printing technology is now available to consumers.

Nomade Editions leverages this growing trend, with many of our designs having been developed and tailored for this technology.

Many of the pieces available have been designed to be cut out of commonly available standard boards such as plywood and then constructed and assembled with standard joinery techniques.

Decentralized Manufacturing

Our business model is predicated on a network of decentralized CNC fabricators who help to cut and produce the furniture components locally to the user. 

We are currently working to building out our own directory of recommended local CNC fabricators but for now we recommend using the very useful website:


For our German customers who wish to order directly from us. Our local partner is:


True to our belief in small local manufacturing, Simon and his team are a friendly, nimble and skilled workshop in central Germany who we have found to be friendly, reliable and accommodating.

We will always continue to support small local businesses as believe in a 'Small is Beautiful' approach and the personal care taken when we get to know each other.

Local Production

CNC Fabricators