Nomade Editions

" . . . In 1974, I thought that if people were encouraged to build a table with their own hands, for example, they would be able to understand the thinking behind it."
Enzo Mari


Inspired by Italian design master, Enzo Mari's 1970's project - "Autoprogettazione", our furniture is co-designed with you and made to measure to your individual requirements. 

Our project takes Mari's a step further, utilizing digital manufacture and allowing a level of customisation - all the while still emphasizing Mari's sentiment about people understanding the nature of quality.

Nomade Editions is a small furniture label started by designer Paolo de Jesus in Berlin, Germany.

Personalized and Made to Measure.

Beautiful bespoke furniture should not just be the domain of the rich and extravagant. Good, fit for purpose design should be available to all.

Our furniture is personalized to each customer, made to measure and on demand. We are able to do this by utilizing modern technology and CNC machines. In this way, pieces are only made when needed and there is no unnecessary overproduction of unwanted stock.

Transparency in Price and Production.

As well as letting you choose how & where your furniture is produced, we also provide full transparency in pricing.

We show exactly what goes into the production, giving you a full idea about how much it actually takes to produce a one-off custom made piece.

You then are in control, deciding where you can save costs in labour, materials, production and transport.

Digital Artisans &
Local Manufacturing.

Making furniture yourself in conjunction with a local CNC maker, not only reduces transport costs, but also keeps value and production in the local community and not in some far distant factory run by branded &  anonymous corporations.

Downloadable and
Open Source.

We provide our designs via Creative Commons as downloadable opensource digital files.

We encourage people to look into how furniture is produced and assembled, re-kindling a connection with a DIY spirit of making, and fostering a sense of pride and ownership with the things they live with.

We very much support the Open Making Manifesto and strive to design and produce according to the principles laid out on the website.

"The philosophy of open manufacturing is close to the open-source movement, but aims at the development of physical products rather than software. The term is linked to the notion of democratizing technology as embodied in the maker culture, the DIY ethic, the open source appropriate technology movement, the Fablab-network and other rooms for grassroot innovation such as hackerspaces."

Striving for the Sustainable.

We love classic furniture and recommend that people try to buy vintage or second hand. But sometimes this isn't always possible, either because of price, style, sizing, or availability. That is where Nomade Editions can be of service.  

We believe that if people are enabled to create their own bespoke objects that suit their needs and purposes directly, then less resources will be used, less waste created and more objects taken care of and cherished.

All our furniture is developed with the philosophy of 'Design for Disassembly' in mind.

This is the idea that all the products that are made can be taken apart easily so that each component part can be harvested for recycling and/or re-manufacture after use.

We also aim to provide as much information as we can about materials regarding recyclability and sustainability, so that ultimately, the final choices made by each of us are well informed when designing and deciding between issues of form, function,durability, aesthetics, cost and sustainability.

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